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Study news & announcements PHOSP-COVID study update (Summer 2023) - Webinar 06/07/2023

Listen back to our second public webinar recorded on 4th July 2023. In this recording you will hear from the study investigators and patient representatives about new findings and ongoing work within the PHOSP-COVID study collaboration.

Dr Linzy Houchen-Wolloff (Patient and Public Involvement Lead) chaired the second PHOSP-COVID public webinar on the 4th July 2023. Professor Chris Brightling provided an update on the PHOSP-COVID study as a whole. Dr Rachael Evans presented an update on the clinical data findings that have come out from the PHOSP-COVID study to date and highlighted the new and upcoming trials within the PHOSP-COVID study platform which aim to improve care for patients with COVID-19. Professor Louise Wain shared an update on the study findings from ongoing projects being undertaken with the PHOSP-COVID research biological samples. The webinar came to a close with a panel discussion and Q & A session.