Governance structure

The Executive Board will constitute the core management group with representation from the Working Groups and the Patient, Public Involvement (PPI) Group. The Working Group and each specific study group will report to and be guided by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will take advice from the Steering Committee and the External Scientific Advisory Board.

The Executive Board will be responsible for reporting to the funders and study sponsor.

In PHOSP-COVID exemplar project groups will be established to conduct multiple in-depth studies to respond to newly emerging and/or worsening premorbid diseases. These activities will inform a personalised medicine approach to supporting groups of patients that are at high risk and will enable clinicians and researchers to direct new clinical trials and care for current and future post-COVID-19 patients.

The in-depth projects will focus on lung (fibrosis, pulmonary vasculature, bronchiolitis and bronchiectasis), systemic vascular, cardiometabolic, renal, and neurological disease, sarcopaenia, fatigue and rehabilitation, immunology, and mental health. Within our consortium we have existing established expert groups within each domain that have developed research plans. 3-4 exemplar projects will be prioritised based on early insights from the study.