Leicester coordination team

  • Professor Chris Brightling

    Chief Investigator

  • Associate Professor Rachael Evans

    Lead Co-Investigator (Clinical)

  • Professor Louise Wain

    Lead Co-Investigator (Non-Clinical)

  • Ananga Sundari Devi Dasi

    Programme Manager / Clinical Trial Manager

  • Victoria Harris

    Clinical Trial Manager

  • Marco Sereno

    Informatics Officer

  • Dr Hamish McAuley

    Clinical Research Fellow

  • Dr Omer Elneima

    Clinical Research Fellow

  • Sarah Terry

    Research Governance Lead

  • Cat Taylor

    Research Governance Manager University of Leicester Sponsor

  • Michelle Bingham

    Research Administrator

  • Ruth Saunders

    Bioresource Coordinator

  • Tatiana Plekhanova

    Physical Activity Research Assistant

  • Dr Charlotte Overton

    Research Associate

  • Selina Finney

    Ethics & Regulatory Officer

  • Yvonne Docherty

    Research Administrator

  • Dr Rob Free

    Informatics Lead

  • Associate Professor Charlotte Edwardson

    Physical Activity lead

  • Rachael Dowling

    Research Communications Manager University Hospitals Leicester

  • Mina Sharma

    Media Relations Manager University of Leicester

  • Dr Aarti Parmar

    Programme Manager (2020 - 2022)

  • GCP Central Laboratory

  • University of Leicester Grants and Finance